Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wait and See!

I'm starting fresh, this "life as I know it". It's time for new ideas, new adventures, and lots of pictures taken along the way. I just graduated college and have now entered into the real world, or at least I think I have. Right now it's starting to feel more and more like the twilight zone with each passing day. So here I sit, one week post grad. I've applied, I've interviewed, I've cleaned, and I've reminisced. So what's next to this post grad life? What's on the agenda? Well for starters, this blog. I've started blogs in the past and never really set goals for them, just kind of jumped in and saw where they led. I always joke about the memoirs I am going to write someday, and thought instead of waiting until I'm old and gray, why not start now! So here it is, my little work in progress. My memoirs from post grad life and everything that follows. So the big question I have on my mind is: Where do I go from here? literally and figuratively, where is this journey called life going to lead me down. Some of these entries will be pointless and some of them may even be a little emotional, but this is going to be my therapy, its cheap and free and as long as I have the internet I think I'm good. (Food, Clothes, Designs, Emotions, and Boys) I'm a very complex person! So here it is my "Memoirs of a Lady" or "Lady Memoir"!